Skill Development

USA National Team invitee Gabby Green working out with Donovan Blythe.

Donovan Blythe speaks about the training that players will receive through the Blythe's Basketball Skill Development Program

Jerome Gumbs, Former USF Player, Worldwide Pro Player, comments on how Donovan helped him with his ball handling, shooting, defense and footwork, making him "hard to guard." He comments that Donovan's personal interest helped his career. The opportunity to workout with skilled players and "pushing the limits" in a supportive environment made the difference in taking his game to a higher level.

Nicolia Simmons, Former USF Player, Soon-to-be Pro, talks about Donovan's commitment and ability to bring out skills in her that she didn't realize she had. Donovan developed her body and mindset, making her more physically fit and confident in her game. Donovan's encouragement and discipline helped her "work to be perfect" in her game. She has become a leader on the court, increasing her performance as a player and as a role model/mentor for less experienced players training with her.

Chris Hernandez, Former Stanford PG, Pro Player in Spain, speaks about the intensity of Donovan's training sessions, "a good diversity" of dribbling, footwork and shooting. The challenging drills helped him improve his concentration and perspective on fundamentals of the game. He appreciates his opportunities to workout with older players when he was young, helping him become a player that younger players now look up to.

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